Are you ready to get started on your journey to vitality?

Awesome! We’re here to guide you. You can meet the team, learn more about our holistic approach, and read below for an overview of your options for care.

We also invite you to connect 1:1 in a complimentary Vitality Discovery Call so we can learn more about your needs and help you get started.

In order to create a container for success, our practice offers care in a membership model. We support you over time, rather than single “one-off” visits, because this will help you make the biggest shift in your health in the most sustainable way.

No matter which program fits your needs the best, we will guide you using our unique approach, The VITAL Method. Your care team will co-create a plan with you and then walk you step by step on your unique journey to becoming the most vital woman you can be!


(only available in California)

Our private patient care is best for you if you are struggling with a women’s health or hormonal issue and are seeking natural medicine expertise to look at your whole picture and:

  • order and interpret functional lab testing
  • diagnose underlying conditions
  • prescribe thyroid or hormone replacement
  • provide you with a customized treatment plan
  • guide you as you implement your plan

The 3-month Vitality Jumpstart

New Patient Program, details HERE

Our most popular starting place, the Jumpstart is comprehensive and customized with compassionate 1:1 care that will help you turn your health issues around. After this more concentrated care during your first three months, ongoing care is offered in an annual membership. (Note: We do not offer single “as needed” visits.)

The Vital Woman

Annual Membership, details HERE

Our signature program for ongoing patient care has several levels to choose from depending on your needs. If you have chronic issues or want support to monitor and fine tune your health over time, we can best help you to achieve optimal vitality by working together in partnership with The Vital Woman annual membership.


(available from anywhere)

Private 1:1 coaching with our vitality specialists offers individualized and step-by-step guidance to educate and empower you on your journey. Working collaboratively with your care team, your coach will support you to learn how to take great care of your unique body in order to successfully reach your goals.

Love Yourself Well:
Feel great in (and about) your body

Vitality coaching provides you with individualized support on your journey towards better health, balanced hormones, and increased vitality. Through gentle, intuitive, and compassionate coaching we empower you to successfully reach your health goals.

Sugar Shield:
Balance your blood sugar

This is for you if you’ve been told that you are pre-diabetic or that you have insulin resistance, PCOS, or any other issues with blood sugar. You will learn how to track your glucose levels and use that information to quickly balance your blood sugar, eliminate cravings, and (side benefit!) create more satisfaction in your life.

Nutrition Spotlight:
Eating for hormone balance

If you would like to take a deeper dive into nutrition, we will help you track your food intake for several days and give you a detailed analysis and an individualized plan designed to optimize your health.


(available from anywhere)

You are not alone on this journey! Group coaching is a great way to learn and heal as you are heard, seen, supported, and witnessed in a community of like minded people dedicated to improving their health and wellness. It can be a challenge to get and stay healthy on your own and our group programs are designed to provide you with community, accountability and partnership to help you succeed.

The Women’s Vitality Club

Online Community, details HERE

This is our private online community devoted to providing information, inspiration, and empowerment for your health journey.

The Club is a low cost monthly membership that includes live group calls with our doctors, coaches and guest experts; an online forum to share resources and ask questions; and monthly themes, weekly posts and prompts to help you connect with other health-conscious women as you learn how to take great care of your health.


Online Wellness Program,
details HERE

This in-depth program is focused on restoring adrenal health by creating easy habits that help you get your energy back and reduce the impacts that stress is having on your health.

Because stress is the #1 most common underlying factor in hormonal imbalances, this program is a powerful starting place for building a healthy lifestyle AND creating overall hormone balance.

As you consider your options, we invite you to connect 1:1 in a complimentary Vitality Discovery Call so we can learn more about your specific needs and help you figure out your best next steps.

We are committed to connecting you with the best support for where you are right now. We would be delighted to meet you on a Vitality Discovery Call and get you started on your journey to vitality!