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Become your most vital self!

As an annual membership-based practice of Women’s Health & Hormone Experts, we know that health is a journey, and it takes much more than a 10-minute visit and a cookie-cutter treatment plan to help you become your most vital self.

That’s where the Vitality Jumpstart is different!

Before committing to a full year of care with us, new patients usually begin with our innovative Jumpstart program:

  • Over the next few months, you will have a team to partner with you and support you as you learn about your body and how to take great care of it.
  • Together we will find effective solutions for your hormonal imbalances and create an upward spiral that will get you back to feeling balanced and fully enjoying your life again!

After helping thousands of people with their stress, fatigue, and hormonal issues, we’ve seen what treatment approaches actually work.

I invite you to get started on your journey to vitality… TODAY!

Hi! I’m Dr. Amy Day, Naturopathic Doctor, Women’s Health & Hormone Expert, and founder of The Women’s Vitality Center.

I believe that you have a positive impact to make on this world, and if we’re a good fit, my team and I would love to help your body heal so you can have the health and balance you need to make that difference.

As a hormone doctor, I’ve seen it many times over in 19+ years of practice… when you have your hormones balanced and your health fully supporting you, THAT is when you are truly able to be the very best version of yourself!

You don’t have to do this alone… let’s get started together!

We’re delighted to give you a powerful jumpstart where you will receive personalized 1:1 treatment and care to begin addressing your women’s health issues and hormone concerns.

Using our VITAL Method approach, your care team will support you through the following:

New Patient Kick-off Appointment:

During your first visit, you will meet with your Naturopathic Doctor for a 90-minute appointment which includes:

  • Sharing your story as your doctor gets to know you and your medical history
  • Discussing your health and wellness goals in depth with your doctor
  • Learning how to focus your diet and lifestyle efforts, as well as specific supplement recommendations to address your health issue
  • Ordering functional medicine lab tests to discover any underlying cause
  • An initial prescription of bioidentical hormones, if appropriate
  • Plus, we will send you a detailed, customized written treatment plan afterward

Onboarding and Vital First Steps Call:

Your Vitality Coach will walk you through our convenient online systems, make sure you know how to access everything you need, and help you get some foundations in place as you begin your healing journey.

Vitality Check-ins:

Your Vitality Coach will be your go-to person to answer questions and make sure you have everything you need along the journey. Through coaching sessions, secure messaging and check-in phone calls, your care team will work together to help you stay on track and support you.

Lab Review Appointment:

Approximately mid-way through the Jumpstart program, you will meet with your naturopathic doctor to review test results, discuss any new insights from the labs, check in on how you are doing so far, and make any necessary updates to your treatment plan.

Progress Check:

Near the end of the Jumpstart, you will meet again with your doctor for a thorough 1-hr visit to celebrate your progress, make adjustments to the treatment plan to address the next priorities, and help you make a plan for going forward from there.


All active patients in our practice have access to our private online community The Vitality Club, as well as our Replenish online program, where you can learn how to boost your energy, reduce your stress, and build key self-care habits for adrenal health and overall hormone balance.

“My work with TWVC has finally put me on a path to healing!”

“My pain often causes me to miss out on social activities. I constantly feel tired which makes daily responsibilities difficult, and it has affected my relationship, too.

Their caring style of no judgement and positive reinforcement has helped me keep moving forward on my health journey as we’ve addressed my unique medical needs. The combination of the Replenish program and the 1:1 patient care, plus the support of the coaches, make it possible for you to meet your goals and achieve better health.

Since doing Replenish, the meditation has started to help my pain, plus I am calmer and more aware of healthy nutrition options. I’m being more mindful and making better choices when eating out, and my energy is definitely improving.

My work with The Women’s Vitality Center has finally put me on a path to healing!”

~ Lisa Cole, Oakland, CA


(please read BEFORE filling out the application)

  • What is The VITAL Method? Learn more about our unique and innovative approach to women’s health care here.
  • What does it cost? Your health is so valuable, and getting back into balance will affect every other area of your life.

    The Vitality Jumpstart is 3 monthly payments of $1,000 each (or we do offer a $200 discount for pay-in-full)… this will have a significant and long-lasting impact. 

    Our practice is quite different from normal insurance-based medical care, and we recognize that this may feel like a big commitment on your part. Rest assured that we also commit very deeply to helping you achieve the health you need to unlock your potential and fully enjoy all the things you want to do in life!

  • Will my insurance/FSA/HSA cover this? This PDF explains that you are responsible for the full fee, but we can provide medically coded invoices for the visits – so a portion of this may be reimbursable depending on your plan.
  • What about labs and supplements? Needs vary for each person, so these are not included in the Jumpstart fee. We give you access to high-quality options and always discuss priorities before deciding. We help you utilize your insurance as much as possible for labs, and you will receive a discount in our online store for supplements for treatment.
  • What happens after the Jumpstart? You may find that after a few months, you have everything you need, or you may choose to continue to have our support as your health journey unfolds over time.
    • We are an annual membership-based practice and do not offer single visits on an “as-needed” basis.
    • This PDF about The VITAL Membership options explains the different levels which can also be customized to best support you.
    • Towards the end of your Jumpstart, we will consider your needs and help you decide which annual membership level is the right fit going forward from there.
  • What if I live outside of California? While we do offer visits by telemedicine, due to licensure requirements, our naturopathic hormone doctor care is only available if you live in the state of California. If you live outside of CA, our health consulting and online coaching services may be a better fit. In fact, we have found that for most women, we can address at least 80% of your needs without an official doctor-patient relationship.


  • Go ahead and APPLY, and we can discuss the details on your Vitality Discovery Call and further during your first visit.

If you are ready to move forward with optimizing your health and hormones, APPLY NOW for a Vitality Discovery Call. We would be honored to be part of your journey!

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How to Apply

We’re very excited to support you to optimal health and vitality!

If you’d like to see if you’re a good candidate to work with us, please complete the application so we can learn more about your needs. 

If it is clear that the VITALITY JUMPSTART is the right path forward for you, we will get you set up and help you schedule your first visit with your doctor and your coach.

We often have a waitlist, so go ahead and APPLY NOW to reserve your spot for a Vitality Discovery Call!

Tell us about you… and let’s get started!

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