Especially for purpose-driven women age 35-55...
Have you been told that you just have to live with your fatigue, brain fog, night sweats, period problems, 
mood swings and low libido?
Have you been wondering...

Could it be my hormones?

Learn how The VITAL Method can help you restore your balance and get back to doing all the things you love!
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Are you a purpose-driven woman wanting to make a difference, share your gifts, and influence the world around you in positive ways?

Are your irregular periods, sleepless nights, and irritable moods getting in the way of being able to enjoy your life, make your unique impact and connect with the people you love?
When your hormones are out of whack and you feel wiped out, it’s really hard to show up in the ways you want to!
You may have tried going to your conventional doctor for help, only to be left feeling dismissed and confused about what is happening in your body. And most doctors make it seem like there are no alternatives other than birth control pills and antidepressants, even if you prefer a more natural approach.

Let’s face it, it can be really hard navigating perimenopausal changes!

When our patriarchal medical system tells us that it's "normal" for women to suffer, that we should “get used to it”, and that “there’s nothing else we can do”... how are we supposed to get the answers that we so desperately need?

And how come no one ever talks about this?!?

Well guess what? We DO talk about it.

It IS possible to have a better experience of healthcare that is designed
by women for women, one that is truly about "health" and truly about "care".

The Women’s Vitality Center is a team of women’s health and hormone experts dedicated to helping women feel great in and about their bodies, and stay vital throughout all stages of life. 

Every woman has the right to be vital!

Hi! I'm Dr. Amy Day, founder of The Women's Vitality Center, and I am excited to connect with you at this workshop. In order for women like you to make your impact and change the world for the better, I know that you need your energy, your health and your hormones supporting you.   

You are vital to the world around you, and you deserve to feel vital too!

Meet Your Host: Dr. Amy Day, ND:
~ Women's health and hormone expert
~ Founder of The Women's Vitality Center
~ Creator of The VITAL Method

Could it be my hormones?

Learn how The VITAL Method can help you 
restore your balance and get back to 
doing all the things you love!
​​In this FREE 1-hour workshop, you'll discover:
  • 3 crucial tips to begin restoring your energy, your mental acuity, and your sexy self
  • ​​Why your doctor says “everything is fine”, even when you know it’s not
  • ​That it’s NOT all downhill from here
  • ​How to finally find hormonal harmony so you can pursue your purpose without burning out
  • ​Our revolutionary approach to women's health
Join us to learn how The VITAL Method can help you understand your changing body and restore your balance so you can get back to doing all the things you love!
Dr. Amy Day is a women’s health and hormone expert. She has been at the forefront of the natural women’s health movement since 2005, when she received the 4th Naturopathic Doctor license in the state of California. She is an author and speaker for both medical professionals and the public, and appears regularly as a guest expert on podcasts, medical conventions and online health summits. Along the way Dr. Amy is managing her own health challenges with endometriosis, raising her son with her husband Jonathan, and maintaining her passion for ultimate frisbee, hiking and yoga!

Dr. Amy has devoted her life and career to supporting other women with their hormonal issues because she knows that you need to have your health in order to be there for others. She believes that women are vital to the future of our planet and now, as the founder and medical director of The Women’s Vitality Center, she is able to have an even greater impact. Through The VITAL Method her expert team combines lifestyle counseling, functional lab testing, nutritional supplements and bioidentical hormones, as they guide women on the journey to optimal vitality.

So, if you're serious about wanting freedom from your hormonal issues...

And you are committed to having the health you need to follow your passions…

And you're ready for a whole new approach to women's health…

Register now...

Stop Being Held Back By Your Hormonal Issues
& Start Enjoying Your Life Fully Again!

Join us for this FREE online event:
(The event has already occurred.)
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