Are you overwhelmed by everything going on in the world today and struggling to transform the stress so you can show up fully in your life?

Building Emotional Resilience

5 Keys to Reduce Worry, Stress and Anxiety

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Join The Women’s Vitality Center with Dr. Claire Graser, ND and our amazing health coach, Valerie Tookes, for this FREE online event!

The live event has already taken place, so you can register now and get access to the recording right away…

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Better understand the physiological effects of stress and its impact on your overall health
  • Learn to tune in to YOUR body’s signals before things get too far out of control 
  • Explore practices that will help you to dissolve both physical and emotional tension in your body
  • Tap into your power to choose so you can “change the channel” when feeling anxious or overwhelmed
  • Get more grounded, centered, and calm so your stress can fuel your productivity and passions

Dr. Claire Graser, ND

Coach Valerie