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Top 10 for Vulvovaginal Health

Vulvovaginal symptoms are some of the most common, yet least talked about, aspects of health for many women. Whether it’s pain, itching, discharge or urinary problems, these issues can greatly affect our sex lives and overall sense of well being. If you don’t have these problems right now, please read on for the sake of…

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Mindful Eating in 3 Stages – The Overlooked Key to a Healthier Diet

Mindfulness is such a buzz word these days, but what is it really? Simply put, Mindfulness is the practice of being intentionally aware of your thoughts, feelings, environment, and bodily sensations in the present moment, without judgement.  Many associate mindfulness with sitting quietly in meditation, but mindfulness can be especially valuable when practiced during regular…

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Combating Loneliness

How are you?   It seems like such a simple question. One that is asked and answered thousands of times in a life. And yet, such a common question has taken on much more meaning in the last 10 months.   How often when asked, “how are you” do you reply without giving it thought?…

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