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vital method

What is The VITAL Method?

We are incredibly excited to share The VITAL Method with you after several months of creation in the background here at The Women’s Vitality Center. As our team has grown and we are working towards having a bigger impact, we wanted to define our signature approach in order to empower and support more women in…

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5 Steps to Create New Habits That Last

There’s really no need to tough it out and try to force desired changes by sheer willpower. In fact, that is almost certainly a recipe for failure. You can actually enjoy more ease in your life by focusing on creating habits. Check out the “5 Steps to Create New Habits That Last” below to start turning the…

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Top 10 for Vulvovaginal Health

Vulvovaginal symptoms are some of the most common, yet least talked about, aspects of health for many women. Whether it’s pain, itching, discharge or urinary problems, these issues can greatly affect our sex lives and overall sense of well being. If you don’t have these problems right now, please read on for the sake of…

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