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Am I in Perimenopause?

Do you remember when you were a young teenager and your body started changing? Do you recall that you got all grumpy and irritable, and everything felt so weird and out of control?   Well, that’s what can happen when your hormones are changing, whether it’s due to puberty or perimenopause.   One simple way…

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hormone therapy

Hormone Therapy the Naturopathic Way

Hormone Therapy (HT) is a hot topic that has gotten some recent positive attention after years of being vilified. Here at The Women’s Vitality Center, we take a naturopathic approach to HT and this article will cover some of the unique considerations about how we approach hormone balancing from a natural perspective.      The…

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Sleep Like Your Life Depends On It

Consistent, deep, nourishing sleep is foundational to overall health. It is during this nightly shutdown that many other important processes go into high gear, such as tissue repair, detoxification, and nerve regeneration, impacting nearly every system in the body including:   Focus, concentration and productivity Immune function Heart health Blood sugar balance Pain and inflammation…

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