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“Bioidentical Hormones: Your Questions Answered”

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9:11         What is “Bioidentical Hormone Therapy”

12:25        What are Bioidentical Hormones?

19:35        Why use Hormones?

24.46        Why use Bioidentical Estrogen?

26:25        Why use Progesterone?

28:26         Breast Cancer Risk

30:11        Who can benefit from bioidentical hormones?

34:56         Should I consider Bioidentical hormones? Take the Quiz

35:56        When should I think about using hormones?

42:25         When do you apply or take bioidentical hormones?

44:46         Where do I get bioidentical hormones?

46:05         How does Koshland make sure compounded hormones are high quality?

50:00        How to minimize risk?

52:56        How to maximize benefit and minimize risks?

55:08        Personalizing your treatment

56:50        Hormone Harmony Foundations Program

57:17         Vitality Jumpstart Program

Q and A questions

1:00:43    Do I have to go through menopause at all?

1:02:26    When my period stops will PMS go on forever?

1:03:52    Could hormones cause cardiac symptoms when the heart is ok?

1:05:35    Is there a time to consider stopping hormone therapy?

1:07:28    What are some side effects to watch out for when starting hormone treatment?

1:08:33    How long does the process take of adjusting hormone levels when starting?

1:09:30    What if someone feels worse on progesterone?

1:11:04    What about hair loss in perimenopause?

1:14:08    Can hormone pellet therapy cause hair thinning as a side effect?

1:16:39    How much progesterone should I be taking?

1:19:01    Should I take a 5 day break with progesterone?

1:22:00    Premature ovarian insufficiency and when to start treatment?

1:24:04    How do hormones affect mood?

1:26:05    What helps with libido?

1:27:15    Can hormones help with PCOS?