If stress, skin problems, insomnia, or joint pain is keeping you from enjoying life, we can help. The Women’s Vitality Center, serving patients in Walnut Creek and the surrounding ares, is passionate about helping women recover from chronic health issues. We believe that health care is all about your unique needs. Our team wants to learn about your needs and work with you toward a healthier life.

Why Choose Naturopathy?Naturopathic Hormone Doctor in Walnut Creek

At The Women’s Vitality Center, we use a naturopathic approach to health care. By combining naturopathic medicine and health coaching, we uncover the cause of your symptoms and help you recover naturally. Rather than immediately prescribing medication, we listen to your concerns and explore solutions that will effectively target the symptoms. 

Naturopathy is about treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Symptoms are usually the sign of a deeper medical condition. Our approach seeks to find the cause and treat the whole body. Diet and lifestyle changes, herbs, vitamins and bioidentical hormones are part of the natural remedies we share with patients.  

We Help You Recover From Adrenal Fatigue and Navigate Perimenopause with Ease

Your adrenal glands work hard to produce important hormones throughout your body. As primary organs of your endocrine system, these glands are responsible for regulating several body functions. When the glands produce insufficient hormones, you may feel symptoms such as fatigue, low blood pressure, and headaches. A lab test often confirms if your adrenal glands are functioning correctly. If they aren’t, we can recommend natural remedies to help you recover and also address any other imbalances that we discover.

You don’t have to keep feeling drained from symptoms. We will discuss personal health and wellness goals and make a plan as we coach you through your health journey. 

FAQ Section

Do Naturopaths Test Hormones?

Naturopathic doctors can help determine whether you have a hormonal imbalance. These doctors listen to and address your concerns so you can feel better faster. Many health issues occur because hormones aren’t functioning well. Naturopaths will often recommend testing to see what hormone functions need correcting. 

How Can I Balance My Hormone Levels?

Using natural remedies is the best way to balance your hormone levels. Trying a natural approach first is a gentle way to work with your body’s natural ability to recover from illness. 

Natural remedies include a combination of vitamins and herbs and bioidentical hormone therapy, along with nutrition and exercise. 

Choosing A Natural Approach in Walnut Creek

If you’re ready to begin your journey toward better health, our team would love to help you. Our office is a short drive away and we also work remotely via telehealth appointments. We love helping women feel their best by working toward vital living. Health coaching and wellness programs are part of a natural approach to medicine that can produce lasting benefits for you. You don’t have to keep living with burnout. Our team is here to help. Contact us for an appointment.